Conducting meetings and events

We do not make a show or carnivals out of our events. All our public projects are meant to bring attention to the challenges in the organization of the health care system and have a clear scientific status.

Our experts can properly actualize the topic at any level communication. We transmit the main emphasis of such events on the decision-makers (organizers and administrators). Nevertheless, it will not take much effort to organize the event for physicians and other health care providers, business people, etc.

It is important to mention that we are not promoting any medication and technology. Moreover, we encourage you to focus on topics that actualizes the certain problem or the nosology, as a whole.

Our experts will organize round tables, meetings, brainstorming sessions, conferences and other events with the state legislative and executive branches of the federal and regional level, policy makers and other stakeholders in the industry. We conduct activities in all regions of Russia.

Note that all events fully comply with the business and ethical standards.

Our team accompanies projects of the non-profit partnership “Center of Social Economics”. In 2014-2016, the project “Strategic Concilium” is actively implemented with the support of our specialists. You can find more details about the project on the official website of our partners: