We are a consulting and research agency, specializing in information and consulting services in the health care, pharmaceuticals and related fields.


  • Analytical Research

    No administrative decision can be taken without learning about problems or market.

    Before you act, it is necessary to conduct analytical studies. We define this activity as almost the most important.

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  • Conducting trainings

    Knowledge and skills are not taken out of nowhere. What knowledge does your company need?

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  • Conducting meetings and events

    Our experts will organize round tables, meetings, brainstorming sessions, conferences and other events with the state legislative and executive branches of the federal and regional level, policy makers and other stakeholders in the industry.


About us

What makes us different from others?

We are not chasing our partner’s money. Those who constantly interact with us understand that the financial issues are secondary in relations to our team.

We like to do what we do. Together with our partners, we dive into the depths of the industry’s organization. Together, we define opportunities. We are sincerely happy when we are together with you to achieve success.

In addition, we adhere to a particular focus of our activities, based on clear and distinct concept: We are in the health care system. In this regard, our competences will help you solve a variety of problems, specific and abstract:

  • marketing research, consulting, and analytics
  • GR, PR, Market Access
  • investment analysis
  • healthcare management
  • drug supply
  • social economics
  • healthcare economics
  • conducting activities for the actualization of certain topics in the healthcare system
  • IT solutions

Our mission

Providing complex information and the development of managerial decisions in the interests of the health care system.



What we do

Analytical Research

Creation of databases

Analysis of competitors’ activity

Consulting support on the current changes in Russian healthcare system

Consulting support of the launch

Conducting trainings

Organizing events with the involvement of the stakeholders of the federal and regional levels

Organization of the appearances of opinion leaders

and more